5 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Characters We Like

With the next fighter in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter Pass to be revealed soon, we thought we would take the time to share our personal top 5 favorite fighters in Smash Ultimate. The greatest thing about Smash Bros. is discovering a character that you connect with to call your main. Super Smash Bros Ultimate has about 88 fighters, making it one of the largest character rosters in any fighting game. While of course you should give all characters a try at least once, you’ll eventually stick to a handful for competitive play.


From the Fatal Fury series, Terry Bogard made his way into Smash last November as part of the first Fighter’s Pass. When he was first announced, many players were interested but not as hyped as Fatal Fury isn’t a popular franchise. Previous fighters like Piranha Plant and Joker, quickly made it to the top and bottom tier for competitive play, but Terry has lingered around the middle. It wasn’t until I tried Terry for the first time in practice that it finally clicked. Just messing around with him in training it finally dawned on me that I had finally found the fighter I was looking for.

It’s no surprise that longtime fans of fighting games are drawn to his gameplay style. His combo game of kicks and punches make him great for racking up damage and controlling the map. His recovery options also make him an optimal fighter for Smash.


From the Castlevania series, Richter made his way into Smash as Simon’s echo fighter. Players may recognize Richter from the Angry Video Game Nerd and SomecallmeJohnny video reviews of the Castlevania franchise.

Now we know what you’re thinking, aren’t Simon and Richter the same? It’s hard to explain but there’s just something about playing as Richter that feels better. Players are able to time his moves better and his projectiles (cross and ax) are great for controlling the stage along with his signature Vampire Killer whip! The Vampire Killer also gives him and Simon the most range in the game, making them an imposing threat. While his recovery isn’t as strong, if you’re able to control the stage and not let your opponent gain their ground, the Belmont’s are definitely one of the biggest threats in Smash.

Dr. Mario

Although not an Echo Fighter like Richter, Dr. Mario our preferred version of the famous plumber. While considered by many a low-tier character and a worse version of Mario, we find Dr. Mario to be welcome member of the Smash roster.  

He’s much slower than Mario and his recovery is worse, but his attacks do more damage. He also has the down tornado that Mario had in earlier Smash titles. Also, shooting pills from his hands instead of fireballs gives us a nice chuckle.


Since his exclusion from Smash 4, Snake is the character we’ve wanted back most. His inclusion in Super Smash Bros Brawl was a surprise to most gamers and opened the door for more third-party presence in Smash. Without Snake, we wouldn’t have the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog and Cloud!

Snake hasn’t changed too much from his Brawl counterpart; his combo game is strong with grabs and tilt attacks, along with his grenades, remote missiles, and C4.

Young Link

At E3 2018, when the first trailer for Smash Ultimate revealed EVERYONE IS HERE, everyone lost their minds. Ever since Brawl, Smash sequels would remove previous characters from the roster (Pichu has been gone since Melee!). Young Link was replaced with Toon Link, who proved better to stand on his own and became one of the more popular fighters in Smash 4.

So, there’s the list! What makes Smash beautiful? The fact that anyone can pick up any fighter and find one to call their own. We love hearing other gamers’ tales of Smash and finding their mains. Smash Ultimate’s roster size and options make it the best Smash game to date and there’s still 6 more fighters on the way!! Here’s to Ultimate and a happy Smashing to all!!

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